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     Highlighting the advantages of garden machinery, garden machinery reason that it has the advantage, in fact, because it faces good opportunities, then it appears this society is facing what advantage? And garden machinery in the end can not be able to seize these opportunities to develop their own good?
     First, let's talk about Dozer faced this opportunity, and now the policy of our country is to accelerate the construction of ecological garden work, and enhance capacity for sustainable development of urban greening, and create a more suitable environment for people to live, to promote sustainable urban development, etc. etc. These macro-policies have provided a good opportunity for development of garden machinery, because these policies and ideas are the same as the demand, the demand for garden machinery, garden machinery greatly boosting consumption, expanding its consumer space and increase the intensity of consumption. Take wherein landscaping, construction of ecological cities, cities are now focusing on green building, green coverage area of ​​the city also had the greater, so much green area, garden machinery demand for natural Needless to say, such as mower, trimmer, and so on, where their needs are countless for each year. Therefore, some people say is so good in fact, national development policies in order to make of this industry, however, this is not the role of a party, but a mutual effect, if only for the sake of policy, garden machinery or at the level of the previous purely manual operation, so greening our country will not be like today, this modern, that is a good garden can not do without good mechanical, so good machine wants to play its biggest role , there is no demand naturally not.
     Garden machinery for greening the city has played a essential role, when the "green city", "garden city" concept put forward by time, this provides a great opportunity for garden machinery, which is equivalent to a person dormant for many years It has been useless, but suddenly one day, the opportunity came, he had his performance space. This is the root of garden machinery is the same reason. Dozer's not to say there is any advantage, but the opportunities facing the how, garden machinery has been able to play its role in today, with the opportunity to have absolute relationship, it certainly can not deny that the root garden machinery industry In some previous efforts.
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