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      Garden tools sub engine, mains and battery-powered three categories.
Engine garden tools easy to use, strong power, but the disadvantages are also obvious, noise pollution and emissions of pollution are two factors that are not environmentally friendly, nor the use of clean, safe storage of fuel, given the increasingly tight global oil resources, as well as in Europe and America for environmental protection more stringent requirements, long-term perspective, engine garden tools will be increasingly restricted in the domestic field, in the professional field it is difficult to be replaced.
      Mains cheap garden tools, power enough, no pollution emissions, but the disadvantages are also obvious, outdoor use is not convenient, high risk of electric shock.
      Garden tools lithium battery prices are relatively high, power is weak, the battery unsafe, but the advantage is convenient for outdoor use, clean and green, low risk of electrical shock, while the price battery safety and other issues, but also with the development of battery technology and is being gradually resolved. With battery prices fall further, the battery specific energy than the power increases, the popularity of the development of permanent magnet brushless motor position sensors, lithium garden tools will gradually replace the mains and engine garden tools in the domestic field.
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