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      All chain saw speed will be with the cleanliness, the mixing proportion of oil changes in temperature, humidity, altitude, atmospheric pressure, air filter, fuel filter and the corresponding shift of generated torque and is closely related to, if not properly and timely adjustment speed will be a lot of anomalies.
      In order to solve abnormal phenomenon, zhuoyuan company invested a lot in this regard R & D work, make garden machinery has a new revolution, launched a chain saw with a tachometer. So that users can always observe the operating status of the machine, breaking the tradition of relying on experience to determine the mode ears, but also solve the instrument no effect. By adjusting the carburetor needle turns ways to adjust the machine, adjust the machine to ensure accurate precision.
      Chainsaws zhuoyuan company with tachometer can help a dial display, allowing users to use the factory default debugging method to adjust the machine, while allowing users to understand the functioning of the machine, the user's escort.
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